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Passionate Visionary Consultant

Originally trained in mass communications, I have written for many major publications, and moved from there to publicity for celebrity clients and onto lifestyle and corporate as well.  I’ve been successfully handling my own marketing for various ventures of my own and those of my friends, including my hair company, which grossed over $5m in revenues through local outreach strategies, including social media throughout the San Francisco Bay area and facilitating its own self-growth without the benefit of being a "home-girl".


It was then during that venture that I realized so many people are like me, and feel quite literally swallowed in the day-to-day of running one, or maybe even multiple business and don't have any idea what to do with any of them. If you are feeling overwhelmed in your situation, or need some direction in your new venture--or why ever you may find yourself in my virtual space, my services aim to introduce clarity and self-motivation. I also teach techniques to better saturate the market with your brand(s), and I've finally stopped being afraid to offer all of my services in one place. Thus, Visual Solutions was born and more accurately encompasses what I can offer my client.

A Few Services: 

  1. Image Consulting

  2. Branding/Packaging

  3. Social Media Strategy

  4. Publicity

  5. Event Planning

  6. Booking

  7. Pitching

  8. Storying

  9. Producing

You may notice that services continue to be added as we build the site.  This is to be expected. As we add staff, the service span will continue to grow.  I humbly thank you for your patience.  

Thank you for reading.

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