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Are You Ready for Your Close Up?

Take Your Business from Who? to Whoa!!

It's no secret that you are a creative and powerful spirit who aims to get things done.  Chances are you already run a successful business -- or soon to be successful business or practice and just need to figure out what stands between you and greatness.  

The alignment of mind, body, spirit, home, office and even virtually is where the magic happens. I support clients with virtual coaching and training packages, planners, ebooks, 1:1 contactless coaching meetings and calls, image consulting,  and all areas that elevate you and your business or practice to the next level, bringing your vision to life. Match your image to your goals today.

Ready to make the transformation?

A Toi Story

It's a Game of Show -- Not Tell

As a serial entrepreneur for the last 18 years, I have not only  managed my own successful businesses (most recently a hair extension business earning over $5 million in revenue), but the careers, businesses and images of others. If there is one thing I've learned, it's that you're not operating in your full potential unless your image aligns fully with your brand and that everything you project continues to deliver your brand message.  


Toi Box Visual Solutions uses Total Brand Cohesion™️ to synchronize your image with your brand message so that they work together to attract the clients, jobs, and/or $$ that you deserve! There should always be a visual motif between you, your brand and your overall universal style/image.


"My visual solutions are designed conveniently so that they are self paced training sessions. There are still 1:1 contactless personal sessions available.  You ARE your brand."


Toi Troutman


Always ready and willing to "start something" isn't necessarily bad - right?

To be a successful entrepreneur takes balance. Besides the Toi Box, Mrs. Troutman-Walker is a published writer, thespian and model who resides in Los Angeles, CA. She is a wife, mother of four and advocate for lupus along with other invisible illnesses. She enjoys music, travel, cooking and rating & recommending products on Amazon. For more info, follow her on social media in 1 click.

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Jesse Lewis IV,

Special Projects Mgr.

Toi Troutman's service is ALWAYS consistent and spectacular! A true visionary in business strategy, her innovative ideas have consistently increased revenue for my company far after her services have been completed!


Keesha Sharp,

Hollywood Actress

Toi is the hardest working publicist in the game and she has the results to prove it. In addition to her incredible ability to pitch and promote in a creative and credible manner, she is detail-oriented and manages tasks efficiently and expeditiously. Her connections may help open up doors of opportunity but it is her passionate drive and belief in her clients' potential that maximizes every chance. Personally I can say Toi provided me more quality results in publicity than anyone else. You will greatly benefit from having this talented person on your team! 


Brian Somero,

Interior Designer

Toi is a great asset to any sized company and provides results in a sophisticated way. She is a true professional and dedicates herself to getting you in the spotlight real-time. Her attitude is remarkable and the best part about working with her is that she really does care!

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