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7 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Have in Common

Updated: May 21, 2020

If you can barely find any time for yourself because you're always buried intently with all senses focused on your device; be it in your hand (phone, iPad, tablet, etc) or on your desk--computer or otherwise; you just cannot seem to come up for air, you're like most business owners. In fact, you seem to find it difficult to take a break or even take a little time out just for you; so much so that you even find yourself typically working in a big mess -- constantly. Bottom line there are just too many entrepreneurs who are working too long and too hard.

They tend to be involved in every aspect of their business. Delegating is an all but foreign concept due to many factors that I'll tell you in a moment. I see clients wearing multiple hats from being the bookkeeper, marketer, human resources manager, mediator, janitor, CSR, happiness coordinator and every job in between.

The more boutique or smaller the business is, the harder it is for the owner to assign or release or dare I say delegate these functions to others because they dislike spending any money. Not to mention there is the fear that the quality will suffer. They fail to realize that if they invest their dollars wisely in accessing the right type of goods and services to grow their businesses and be more effective, they will see positive changes occur over time. But what's different about the most highly successful entrepreneur? It takes time to build a good "business mindset". I've noticed that the most successful entrepreneurs have the following behaviors in common (among others of course).

  1. They are front-running leaders. Always attempting to practice what they preach. We all know that's not easy, but the successful bosses try. They're role models. They often speak, teach and educate. Each one teaches one and they don't mind sharing knowledge. Successful entrepreneurs are wise enough to know that they don't know! We don't have all the answers and the real winners at the game are always seeking knowledge through personal and professional development, such as coaching and studying her craft. Highly successful small business owners invest time and money in their teams and themselves

  2. They develop their people and themselves through personal and professional development. They utilize outside expertise, as the successful small business owner recognizes they do not have all the answers.

  3. Organization is key! They know how to manage their time and have a system in place which enables them and their team to work effectively. If they are not a personally organized person, they have made adjustments for their shortcoming.

  4. The most successful attempt to keep their bodies healthy. Why? It is easy to understand that a healthy mind leads to improved productivity and increased well-being. With these increases come a greater ability to cope with the built in stresses of being an entrepreneur and running a business. Again, it's all about adapting to situations over time due to experiences.

  5. That said, remember to have a life. The most highly successful business owners and winners in this age of the multi-business entrepreneur are those who don't skip out on themselves because they know it makes them a happier, more well-rounded and overall individual. Self care is not selfish! It's mandatory. Highly successful small business owners have a life.

  6. Highly successful small business owners look after their clients . They know that clients are the life-blood of their business and literally keep them going--or shut them down if they feel that they are not being taken care of properly. Without clients there would be no business. Successful entrepreneurs don't make this mistake.

  7. Highly successful small business owners are decisive. They exhibit no fear in exercising decision making and taking actions when it comes to their businesses and making sure that it thrives and makes money, which is the ultimate goal of most entrepreneurs. They commit to the decision and they stay in it to the end.

The Final Word

Highly successful entrepreneurs are the creme of the crop and they get their priorities about their work, their customer and their home right! They live longer and squeeze more enjoyment out of life. They even seem to master the challenge of being an business owner. They go home at the end of each day knowing what they have achieved and maybe even what to do tomorrow. At the end of it all, your success as an entrepreneur is a direct result of your success and fulfillment as a person. You can manage small amounts of each, but true success comes when the balance happens. Coaching can perhaps help you find this balance and point you toward this balance for a more successful you.

So what are you waiting for? If you're dissatisfied with where you are now, then what are you going to do differently? It's August already, so perhaps you should take stock of where you are. Maybe there are some changes you could make to improve your business so that you are able to enjoy the benefits of being the master of your own destiny. Or are you happy with the way you are currently traveling?

Think about it; there are only three months until the Holiday season starts. Will you be sitting on the beach in January feeling content with your changes and efforts, or will you keep making the same New Year's resolutions you made at the beginning of this year--or last?

Keep in mind that nothing changes if nothing changes. Implement the 7 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common on an ongoing basis, and soon enough you'll be one of them, and have a highly successful business of your own.

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